Thursday, December 17, 2009

pretty and popular

as they often do, the guys over at the mormon bachelor pad got me to thinking. calvin posted about his school days and how he was picked on and kind of a nerd and how that has changed somewhat now that he is all grown up.

i think just about every kid gets teased at one point during their school days. i didnt get too much. mainly i got teased for being tall or my unusual name. by junior high and high school, that kind of teasing was a thing of the past. i wasnt popular in the traditional sense. i wasnt a cheerleader or the prom queen, but i had many friends from all the different cliques that most schools traditionally have. once during my freshman year a good friend told me that she hated to walk around the school with me because we got stopped every two seconds by someone saying hi or wanting to chat for a few minutes. i think she said, "you are too popular!" which came as a surprise to me because i never considered myself popular.

i never really had an ugly complex like many girls go through. i had great parents that always told me i was beautiful(followed with wise words like: pretty is as pretty does), but looking in the mirror i never really saw it. oh sure, there were times i was pleased with my reflection, but beautiful? nah.

i know i wasnt a troll and i definitely had boyfriends, but it wasnt until after msof and i got together that i got some surprising feedback. apparently(according to him and there was some other backup)i was quite a catch. i was the topic of a few discussions during high school and even after. this was a complete shock to me. even after the fact, it was nice to know i had been admired from afar.

the point? there really isnt one. calvins post just got me thinking about these things. i think the why i'm still single girl talked about it as well. as women, its kind of frowned upon to brag about our superficial beauty. especially as women in the church we are taught and encouraged to cultivate the inner beauty and let that shine through. you know-be a sweet spirit ;-)

i intended to go on about the whole hot vs beautiful debate, but...


  1. I can totally relate to this story. I was shocked when on facebook I got several guys confessing to crushes that I never knew about. I always thought I was an average looking person. I was shy around guys and it gave the impression I was stuck up so I didn't date that much. My parents also used to say the same thing to me "Pretty on the inside" was the point they always made.

  2. i wasnt really shy, but i have one of those faces that if i am not smiling, i look angry. so i got some of the "i thought you were stuck up" feedback as well. funny how perception works, huh?