Monday, November 30, 2009

bah humbug

yes. thats right. already. i really hate how Christmas decorations are put out before halloween is even cleared out. i hate that a local radio station starts playing Christmas music BEFORE thanksgiving. am i normally this grumpy? this scrooge like? not at all, but the notorious bitterness that seems to hit singles at the holidays has hit me with full force. all these years i have been spared. until now. i am just on a rampage. i liked that i never succumbed to that seasonal malady. i might be single, but my life is full of friends and family and things to do. this year it doesnt matter, i am dissatisfied. i know its up to me to fix it, but i want someone else to do it. any attitude adjusters out there willing to help me out? dumb stuff that has nothing to do with the holidays is happening. i would love to share it here, but its not entirely my story and the details would be too revealing of others. sigh. i need a long nap. no. i need hibernation.


  1. Sorry you're having a hard time, but let's please not pass off cumudgeonly behavior on Mr. Scrooge. He knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.

    Good luck doing what it takes. You'll be glad when you have.

  2. Amen. I feel exactly the same way. I try to make the most of Christmas by making those close to me fun gifts and stuff. I still will always feel that senseless void without a man to share the holidays with. You're not the only one.