Wednesday, November 4, 2009

is celibacy an impossible standard?

no.end of story.

ok. we all know thats not the end of the story. its not always easy and its definitely not fun, but it is not impossible and i am sick of the whiner cry babies who say it is. everyone has free agency. choose what you will. i will not judge you, but dont say your reasons are because its an impossible standard.


  1. yes, as long as a good hand or vibrator is available

  2. It is difficult. It is possible. And that possibility is a challenge to the sexually obsessed society we live in (including the one in the Church), so it brings backlash, especially ridicule.

  3. i have gotten a little bit of the ridicule(in the form of teasing), but the suspicion is the worst. its like if you wont, it must mean you cant, or dont want to. i hate that.

  4. Yeah. I'm on one dating site (just for the quizzes until my divorce is done), and they have a bunch of questions that help them calibrate what you are like and what your values are. Because I'm not willing to have sex outside marriage, their system rates me as being less interested in sex.

    Trust me, I'm not less interested in sex than much of anybody. It's something I've struggled with greatly for many years, in fact, and I don't always win the battles. That I can control myself in this matter doesn't mean I've got less desire than anybody else -- it means I try to control myself where others don't.