Friday, November 13, 2009


i hated yesterdays post so much that i considered just deleting it, but i decided to let it stay. for now. i always intended this blog to be fun anecdotes about being a cool, 40-something mormon chick, living life, maneuvering the dating world with some grace and a little panache. WHATEVER. those terms are mutually exclusive with the word(and practice)dating. its so not fun right now and i find myself disappointed and pissed off much of the time. i just keep wondering if i really need the aggravation of all of this. all this drama with mr jack mormon is wearing me out. despite my best effort to just exit with some grace(that damn word again)it has turned to the ridiculous. i am convinced that dating, like trix is for kids, they are the only ones who can withstand the indignity of it.
bitter, party of one!

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