Wednesday, November 25, 2009

smc cooks

today i made cranberry chutney to break away from the normal cranberry relish that i make every year. not everyone in my family will eat cranberries(they actually like the canned crap)and even those who do like them, just eat a little bit. there are always a ton of leftovers, but i think this year might be a little different with the recipe. taste testers reviews have been favorable so far.
i also made stuffing(or dressing, depending on your raising)from a new recipe posted by the pioneer woman. she has the best recipes and this one is no different. everyone has been picking at it and loving it. i hope there is some left by time we sit down to the table. stuffing is so simple and be so good, but it can turn into a disgusting mess that no one will touch if you arent careful.
it was a delicious meal and a good time spent with family. lots of stuff to be thankful for.

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