Sunday, November 29, 2009

the whole armour of God

i usually dont make it to sunday school. my calling in the rs presidency usually keeps me running during the 2nd hour taking care of things in preparation for the 3rd hour. catching the bishop up on whatever pressing business has come up in the last week and sometimes just socializing with the other foyer squatters.

todays lesson as about protecting yourself from the fiery darts of the adversary by putting on the whole armour of God and one of the things they focused on was the law of chastity. i think the loc takes on an entirely different point of view when you are married. seems to me your main objective is to not cheat. dont succumb to infidelity-literally or in your thoughts. now, i have been married and i know its not all that difficult. you are in love, having regular sex, its all good, right? not so fast. divorce due to infidelity is running rampant in the church. for most of us, it was more mormon urban legend about brother and sister so and so in some far away ward rather that someone you knew personally. not any more. bishops are counseling more for this grievous sin and more marriages are just breaking up, unable to recover.

for those of us without the ball and chain, its entirely different. keeping things zipped up in a world where sex on the first date is the norm is not always so easy. gone are the days that any girl who had sex without at least being engaged was a slut. if you dont have sex by the third date, you are quite possibly a frigid prude with huge intimacy issues. even members of the church. not just men. apparently women are pressuring men as well. its easy to get on my high horse of indignation and preach all of this. i know. you have heard me drone on and on about it. my blog. my prerogative. man that sounded bitchy.


  1. Girl, you are definitely not a female dog for preaching the Law of Chastity. Preach it from the housetops! It is, after all, a principle of happiness. :)

  2. thanks so much for saying that! no matter how strong or tough we can be, sometimes you just need backup!