Sunday, November 15, 2009

what i woke up to

the last memory i have of this song is being at an institute dance with rm#2 and we danced to this song. i am sure i have heard it since 1986, but i dont remember. i dont usually wake up to songs playing in my head, but today...
i guess its not too shocking of a selection for my subconscious to play considering all the recent negotiations with mr jack mormon. some of the things he suggested were kind of funny. tempting, but funny considering the discussions we have had regarding boundaries. mine, not his. apparently he doesnt have any.

if faith is not tested, is it really faith? my faith and testimony in the law of chastity has been tested in many ways, but all the talk with mr jack mormon really got me thinking along the lines of "what does it really matter?" an intellectually sound argument could really be made for turning away from such archaic practices and embracing a more modern way of thinking. i was discussing all of this with a long time, non member friend. she put a fine point on the whole discussion when she asked, "do you want to marry this guy?" she knows me well and got me back on track with my true self. mr jack mormon is not a candidate for a long term relationship, so why throw it all away on him? even if i was a sex before marriage kind of girl, i would never be a casual sex girl. just not my style.

before leaving for church today, i need to choose a conference talk for a lesson in relief society. thumbing through the pages, the first talk that caught my attention was Elder Oaks talk titled "Love and Law". The first examples he gives are about the loc(referring to a couple who co-habitates)and temple marriage. i am grateful for a speedy answer to my prayers last night. the loc might not be modern or cool, but its still Heavenly Father's law and there are blessings for keeping it, consequences for breaking it, and finally the atonement to help us in either instance.


  1. This might be for you.

    I found this quote in preparing a lesson for church today.

    Elder Maxwell said:
    "Of all the errors one could make, God's gospel plan is the wrong thing to be wrong about."

  2. i love that quote.covers everything and is so very true. thanks for taking the time to send it.