Friday, November 6, 2009

my answers-in case you care or were even remotely interested

i am so excited with the comments i am getting in response to the poll. please keep em coming! here are my answers so case your inquiring mind wanted to know.

1. chick or dude? chick
2. age 41
3. marital status? divorced
for the singles:(using my lame memory to answer these as my 20 yr old single self)
4. do you currently follow the law of chastity?(just so we are all on the same page, the law of chastity,if you are single, means no sex of any kind. no petting. heavy or light. no masturbation.)yes. pushed a few limits, but none were broken
5. do you bend, twist, or otherwise modify the loc to suit your lifestyle? when i look back, i see how i really bent things. major horizontal make outs that almost went too far a few times. no clothes were removed, but there was some bumping and grinding.
6. if yes, is there any guilt? there was a little guilt about what almost happened, but that helped keep me in check and just throwing the loc out the window. kind of feel bad for my boyfriend. he was the poster child for blue balls. as far as my husband, our engagement was short and we were apart for most of it. there was a lot of passionate kissing and i think he tried some light petting(hand on boob over clothes), but was easily rerouted.
7. if the church modified or phased out the loc, would you have sex before marriage? i dont think they ever would, but IF they did, i think i would have premarital sex in a monogamous relationship that was heading towards marriage.
8. have you previously played loosey goosey with the loc? mmmmm...kind of.
9. if you are committed to living a chaste life, do the people you date try to influence you to do otherwise? oh. my. gosh. not when i was dating before marriage, but now? its crazy. its not just the hot, heavy breathing moments when he is quietly pleading..."please? can we?" its intellectual discussions trying to debate the point and convince me to have sex with them.
10. if you play loosey goosey with the loc, do you see someone who follows the loc as a "challenge" and test their limits? i wouldnt try to convince anyone to go against anything they told me was important to them

the first set of married questions:

1-male or female xx
2-age 41
3-were you sexually active before your marriage? nope.
4-if yes,only with your spouse?
5-did you clear it up with your bishop or just move on?-
6-if no, do you think it was worth the wait? i am glad i waited, just bummed that i waited for HIM.
7-was there any adjustment period before you felt comfortable having sex and free of guilt?oh yes. it took me about 3 months to hit my stride and not feel guilty for having sex.
8-have you ever had sex(intercourse,oral,etc)with anyone else during your marriage? no.
9- have you been tempted? technically, yes. msof drug out our "quickie" divorce for 18 months. during that time i met someone i really liked, but we didnt date or do anything until the divorce was final.
10-do you consider your sex life healthy and satisfying? we had a good sex life. one of the few things we did well as a couple.

and the 2nd set of married questions:

1)how long have you been married? 11 years
2)do you have children? how many? no
3)how often do you have sex? we had sex almost daily for the majority of our marriage.
4)how often would you like to have sex? i was ok with the frequency. i can only remember 1 time he turned me down and i rarely turned him down.
5)does your libido match your spouses? he was a smidge ahead of me, but i kept up ok.
6)are you in a sexual rut or do you mix it up to keep it interesting? we had our ole faithful tricks, but we mixed it up every now and then. some of his ideas were stupid, but except for porn, i tried just about anything he requested.
7)if you wanted things to change in your sexual relationship, do you feel comfortable going to your spouse with your ideas? somewhat.
9)is there anything taboo or off limits? porn and anal. my ex husband was always lobbying for that stuff. no judgment for anyone else, but for me, no way. total deal breaker.
10)do you feel church standards restrict you sexually in anyway? initially i heard rumors about the church being against oral sex. i was willing to never try it, but my wonderful mother set me straight. other than that near miss, no. well yes. i dont have sex because of my membership in the church. i was trying to speak as the old married me and got off on a tangent. sorry.

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