Sunday, November 22, 2009

new moon

two of my married with children friends decided last minute to take their teenagers to see new moon and invited me to come along. i was so tired from our wards super saturday that i tried to beg off at first,but they were not having it. spontaneous fun after 4pm is rare with these girls. actually, its almost non existent since everything they do is scheduled around husbands and kids. i figured i shouldnt pass up the rare opportunity and i am so glad i didnt. not that it was an evening of cinematic excellence. it wasnt, but it was fun to get out and act a little silly with a couple of old friends. new moon was way better than twilight, but that is not saying much. twilight sucked so bad in every aspect, whereas new moon sucked a little and in not every area. i was amazed at the horrible acting. was robert pattinson this bad in the harry potter movie? graham greene is a GOOD actor. he was nominated for an academy award for his role in dances with wolves, but so far, being in these vampire movies is sucking(get it? sucking ,its a vampire movie. ha!ha!)the talent right out of him. the lone stand out is billy burke who plays bellas dad, charlie. its not that he is a great actor, he just sucks less than the rest of them. he gets a little grace since he had a 3 episode guest starring role in my guilty pleasure gilmore girls, so i might be grading on a curve. i am so glad i went with really good, like minded friends that i could mock the movie with. they were right there with me, rolling their eyes and inwardly groaning when bella took that last little gasp at the end and then the credits started immediately rolling. i hated that ending.

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