Friday, November 27, 2009

dont know what to say

last night i tried to write a post and put into words whats in my head and my heart, but it all sounded like whiny baby complaining. i am not a whiny baby. or a complainer. its just that the holidays, in general, leave me wanting. wanting what? you may ask. not sure, i would reply. so frustrating, trying to grasp something intangible and elusive. thanksgiving is over and i am dreading Christmas. dread might be a strong word, but i dont look forward to it like i used to. sigh. does anyone else feel underwhelmed by this time of year?

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  1. jenx- i accidentally hit "reject" instead of publish and blogger wont let me re-moderate. jerks! :)
    anyway, yes service always does make things better. did a little yesterday and there will be lots of opportunities throughout the rest of the year. funny how that works, eh?