Thursday, December 22, 2011

good night nurse!

i need a nurse. pretty sick right now and i need to rebound to health asap! i hate being sick, but you all have heard me whine about that before, so i will abstain from doing it here on this post. in the past 2 days, mr ex man, mr nice guy, and mr random guy(dont think i ever mentioned him here) have contacted me. i wont talk to mr ex man. mr nice guy told me he was still madly in love with me, and mr random guy is moving forward at an incredibly slow pace that i hope he never tries to accelerate. i want dick(why did i come up with the whole tom dick and harry thing?). i am so embarrassed to admit it(not sure why), but i am frozen with fear and i am unable to contact him. do men get frozen with fear and choose to chicken out and not call when all they want to do is call the girl and get back together? i have reason to believe that he might be frozen with fear, but do i want to be the girl who does that work? am i living in a chick flick fantasy land where the man shows up on my doorstep in the rain and declares his love and tells me how he cannot live without me? probably. i am usually more sensible, but pining for a man for a year is new territory for me. any ideas? tips? advice?


  1. I get paralyzed by fear/anxiety/depression all the time. It's kept me out of the market for a while now -- staying in limbo means I never get shot down. There's a safety in that.

    I love that fantasy moment as well. But imagine how awkward it would be if you didn't reciprocate the feelings, because it's the wrong guy standing there? Instead of being Mr. Darcy (the second time), it's Mr. Collins, say. Because every Mr. Collins believes himself to be the same as (or just as good as) Mr. Darcy, even though every Miss Bennett clearly understands the difference.

    I've got no skills in this game. Nothing. I can talk about relationship skills all day and most of the night, but dating/courting skills? Meeting a mate? Not a damn thing. And reasonably certain that that's not going to improve.

    I'll just stick to living vicariously through you.

  2. i agree, there is safety being in limbo, but limbo is pissing me off!!!
    i love the pride and prejudice analogy :)
    i guess the skills dont come naturally, so doing is all that needs to be done to improve. that can be painful for sure.
    you will probably have to go back and read old posts to live vicariously. i have no motivation to date at all. i dont even want to socialize that much. blah.