Friday, January 6, 2012


do you get a lot of compliments? i do. maybe not daily, but fairly frequently and although i dont think i suffer from horribly low self esteem, i just cant help but wonder why the hell these people are lying to me. i dont seek out the compliments, they come without any prompting from me and they seem quite sincere(even if i dont believe them). what i want to know is if i am so amazing, why am i a virtual man repellent? i see crazy women who seem to be beating the guys off with a stick. they have their men on short leashes and those men seem content to jump through those hoops. it that just unhealthy co-dependency or are they on to something? i know its easy to jump into something unhealthy rather than do the work required for a mutually beneficial and happy relationship. is that why so many choose it? i dont want my man to jump through hoops. i want to be happy and i want him to be happy too. is that just crazy? my expectations too high?


  1. Enjoy the sincere kindness of others. From your posts, it seems you don't have an issue attracting guys, maybe just not the ones you are interested in. Why else would some guy give you an expensive Christmas gift?

    1. attracting, no problem. keeping? issues. :) mr nice guy gave me the gift because he is truly a nice man....and he is in love with me.

  2. Seems like you know what the problem is then. If you can get a nice man to fall in love with you, the outlook must be good.