Friday, October 12, 2012

another one

someone else just announced their marriage. i never thought it would happen and it did.
 negative, bitter me, says "EVERYONE BUT ME, WHAT THE HELL?!?!?"
 positive, sweet me says  "maybe its in the air and my time is right around the corner."
bitter me is kicking the shit out of positive, sweet me.


  1. Tell bitter me to back off cause she's scaring all your dates away

  2. i would agree with you, except that i am not in the dating world AT ALL right now. i dont think i give off the vibe of being bitter. who knows? maybe thats the problem! i stink of bitter and i am not even aware of it. sigh.
    so glad to see you again kelly!

  3. Cursing about kicking "sh**," communicates the environment from whence your words sprang. I hope I am not coming across as too judgmental--if so--I am very sorry. Yet, I believe God blesses people according to their level of integrity to who they profess they are. New converts are watching.

  4. i work each day to be a little bit better, but i am not perfect. no mormon is and if a new convert bases their testimony on the perfection(or conversely their sins)of their fellow saints, they are setting themselves up for disappointment.
    you are right- saying that my bitter self was kicking the shit out of the sweet me- communicates the environment from which it came. anger was that environment. i get angry sometimes. sometimes i use curse words when i am angry. i hope any new convert would realize that just like them i have weaknesses, but the gospel helps me minimize those weaknesses and makes me a better person as i progress in this life. as far as integrity-i think i was operating with complete integrity.i was mad and i used a very effective word to communicate that. there was a time in my life that i probably would have said "kicking the f***ing s**t out of me", but i have progressed beyond that. see? growth :) i hope you like my blog and continue to read it, but your comment will not change what i write or how i write it. if my occasional cursing drives you away because of your own morals, i am fine with that and respect your choice. either way, thank you for commenting.