Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers day-THE WORST

i am sure many of the child-free, single women in the church are like me. hatin mothers day. i have to say that this year sacrament was devoid of the condescending talks about motherhood in "this life or in the next". i hate those things. none of that this year. what a relief. still....the day sucked. its never really good for me, but this year was worse. i am really struggling to count blessings when there is so much in my life that is truly lacking. even typing that seems blasphemous. i am blessed. walking on 2 feet. loving family. roof over my head. good ward. so many of the things i truly desire are missing. i am in a cage and i just dont know how to get out. i keep praying. i keep thinking i am finding ways, but then its me, all over again, hitting my head against a brick wall. i spent a lot of the day in bed.

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