Sunday, October 30, 2011

damn mirror

i am not loving what i see. i need a haircut. something drastic. my hair is pretty long-well past my shoulders-but it is not really doing anything i want it to do. i have been thinking of cutting about 10 inches off, which would put it right above my shoulders(found a cute cut that i am pretty sure will look good on me). i am embarrassed to admit that i worry that not having long hair will compromise how attractive i might appear to certain men. men like long hair, right? i think i might be tainted because of msof. he would get angry if i even trimmed my hair. he wanted it long, long, long and he did not care if it was unhealthy looking. anything above the shoulders was a "dyke-do". i know a few men who say they dont care about hair length, but those guys are married to women with short hair. i dont know if i have ever heard a man say that he liked or preferred short hair. so guys-what do you say? long or short? do you care?


  1. I prefer long, though that's probably from growing up seeing those I respected most as mothers having long hair. I had a good friend who grew out her hair until it was long enough to donate to charity, then had it cut short.

    My dear wife had short hair when we met and got married. I was of an age (and maturity) that it wasn't the hair or other measurements that I was looking for. Hair length is not a measurement of anything but hair.

    Maybe some of those that want only long hair are jealous they can't also have long hair. ;)

  2. I think a girl can look cute either way. I am absolutely attracted to some girls with short hair. Much past the shoulders and the hair seems obnoxious and unhealthy. If I were to state my absolute preference, it would be about 3 inches below the shoulders.

    Love Tripp

  3. 3 inches below the shoulders and no lip gloss, right? ;-)
    my hair has been really long for years and this is the first time i really want to cut it. i have hair issues and i hate it!! i am really critical of other women who have hair issues. ie: a friend of mine has literally had the same haircut/color for 25 years. yes. 25. she refuses to do anything different. gosh, i dont want to be like her. i think i am convincing myself to cut it.