Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the new do. maybe. tell me what you think.

i would love opinions from both men and women. what do you think of this cut? does is look "dyke-ish"? i am thinking its sophisticated and sexy. ultimately i think i will grow it out again, but i just need a fresh start and i am hoping my hair will snap out of its yuckiness. just for the record-my hair is about this color and probably about this texture. mine my be a little finer, but with good product, i think i can pull it off without too much problem. honest opinions please.


  1. I think it'd be just right (realizing I've no idea what you look like, but its a generally flattering cut none-the-less).

    Certainly not "dyke-ish". You're not going for a crew cut or a male missionary cut, just shorter.

  2. thanks frank :)
    i hate it when i realize there is still baggage from my marriage. like being worried about a "dyke-do".

  3. I think it's a nice looking haircut. Definitely nothing that would be considered stereo-typically lesbian. (Dyke is considered a slur when used by people outside of the GLBT community).

  4. thanks for the comment. so far, so good.
    i do understand that dyke is considered a slur-i used it here referencing my previous post where my anything but politically correct, ex husband(mr soldier of fortune)called it that. thus, my stupid anxiety about cutting my hair. if i offended you(or anyone else for that matter) please accept my apology. there was no offense intended. if any of my gay friends knew i wrote a blog, i would have run it by them. sigh.