Wednesday, November 23, 2011

more memories

a year ago dick told me he loved me. i had seen it coming for a while and at first i dreaded it. i didnt feel the same. i could tell that he liked me way more than i liked him, but 2-3 weeks before he actually told me, my feelings started to change. by time i knew that he was going to tell me that day, i knew i was in love with him and couldnt wait for him to declare it because i knew i could say it back without reservation. what changed my mind(heart)? a million things he didnt even know he was doing, but it all added up to l-o-v-e. i was hoping he was remembering this day as well and would reach out, but he didnt. can a person be sad, but not in emotional pain?


  1. Ugh. I am sorry SMC. If you want me to call Dick and get the low down, let me know.

    Love Tripp