Saturday, November 19, 2011

sometimes no news is good news...

but sometimes its just no news. i have very little to offer in the way of anything new and interesting. nothing planned for the holidays-thanksgiving is usually my favorite. i love to do all the cooking and hanging out with family and friends. this year, due to strange(but not bad)circumstances. there will be no thanksgiving for me. i am surprisingly ok with it. no boy news to report. i have zero desire to date right now. mr nice guy continues to call with appropriate(for 'friends')frequency. i know he loves me, but i dont feel the same. i truly want the best for him, but he seems incapable of making necessary changes to grow up and move on with his life. so sad to see a grown man so controlled by his mother. i keep thinking about dick(as in the tom, dick, and harry of last year)and really wishing i knew what really happened. women always want to know. they want the details in as vivid color as you can give them. even if its painful. this is a new place for me because the thoughts of him are not mournful or painful in any way, but it has affected my desire and willingness to "get out there". i am just not interested at all. which leads to another issue-my new calling involves some association with the churchs single adult program. when i was asked to do it, i literally laughed because i am famous for my disdain for the whole thing. i have been pleasantly surprised at how some of this has worked out. which is nice since all other experiences with the program have been epic failures. i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. :)


  1. Been out of circulation for a while -- just got my RSS aggregator working tonight. I'm concerned about this post. Mostly the all lower-case thing. I know this was a long time ago, so all may be well, but it concerns me.

    And then, lines like "I keep thinking about dick" are a lot funnier with the lower-case thing going on.

  2. i always do all lower case :) you, the man who critiques not only content, but form, should know this! '-D
    when i was dating 3 men at one time over a year ago and flippantly called them "tom, dick, and harry", i had NO IDEA(there's some caps for ya) that "dick" would be THE GUY. so now i am stuck calling him dick. it is funny, but i always feel the need to explain.
    thank you for being concerned. i am sad, but not tragically so.
    more things in my life are right, rather than wrong, so i am counting blessings.

  3. I don't remember noticing all lc before. Odd. It's something I tend to notice -- it's a little triggery, actually.

    And all the dick stuff gives me easy Beavis-y smarting off to do, which is always fun. (You said you're stuck on dick!)

    It just keeps on giving.

    I'm feeling vaguely like things are in a better direction, but I also slept through Church (on the 11 schedule, this time) and haven't stood up to eat breakfast in three hours, so maybe I'm not as much better as I think I am.