Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 steps forward......?

mr ex man knows i am going to be in his city and is happy and seems excited. wants to "sweep me away" and "seduce me". we actually SPOKE today. he called. i had been praying so hard yesterday, telling HF that i was going to be there and wanted to see him so badly,but only wanted his will. the right thing. voila! mr ex man emailed me late yesterday afternoon. we are making progress. apologies. promises. good promises. will my dream come true? he was my dream. now i find myself ducking punches(figuratively,not implying any sort of physical abuse) that arent even really there. we are managing the difficult topics. still lots of stuff to figure out. dont know if i can handle the litter and the ex wife. i love this man, but we all know, love is not enough. takes so much more. listening to our soundrack on youtube. in the beginning, we sent youtube links to different romantic songs from our era. i had erased them in an angry fit, but the last time i logged into youtube-they were there.mmmmmm.

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