Tuesday, June 26, 2012

do guys do that?

i was thinking about Dick and a random memory appeared, seemingly out of the mists of my mind. it was a happy memory and i liked tossing it around in my head since its one of the few(i assume)that i havent worn out like an old cassette tape.
do guys do that?  will a memory of an ex catch you off guard and it is allowed to linger? men are famous for compartmentalizing, so i wonder if walking down memory lane is common.


  1. I can't speak for all guys but I certainly can get a memory caught up in my head and just replay it over and over. I can think of a couple that I will probably replay throughout my life. Maybe you should just call him.

  2. Happens on rare occasion to this guy, at least. Course, now I automatically follow it up with a better experience with the current wife.

  3. thanks guys :)
    i appreciate the imput....i guess i was hoping for the possibility that Dick might be entertaining some good memories as well. i dont want to be forgotten.