Monday, July 16, 2012

the stuff

when you break up with someone, what do you do with the stuff?  i held onto most of what i accumulated while married to msof, but when i sold my house, threw everything, but a few pictures away. i dont even know where those pictures are now. weird.
in a fit of rage i threw most of the stuff tgws gave me out the passenger window as i was speeding down the road.  i think i have a few random pictures.
all the stuff from mr ex man-gone.
all the stuff from mr nice guy-gone.
all the stuff from dick-packed away. i rarely take it out and look at it, but i know its there and i have no plans to dispose of it.
what do you keep and what do you throw away?


  1. I go through this stuff all the time, I just moved and I still have all kinds of stuff that I either don't want, or don't consider to be 'mine'. I just put it nicely in boxes in the garage and let her know about it.

    I think that it's easier to decide what to keep and what to throw away after time passes, but at the same time... my Mother calls it a fire, she said that if you get rid of everything as if you had a fire, then chances are only the most important things will stay.

  2. mr ex man still had a ton of stuff in his basement from his ex wife. it drove me crazy. either she wants it or she doesnt and in my opinion sometimes you have to get rid of the actual baggage to let go of the emotional baggage.
    i like your moms idea :)