Monday, August 13, 2012

if you arent crazy, are you boring?

i think i have written a couple of different posts over the years mulling over this topic in one way or another, but its nagging at me again.  the past few months have been nothing but mating season-everyone seems to be pairing off, getting engaged, and getting married. i am not normally a green with envy kind of gal, but if you look close, you might see a bit of chartreuse around the edges. with few exceptions-these girls are kind of crazy. sometimes the guys are too, but never both in the same couple. does "normal" attract crazy or does it go looking for it?  if i have any hopes of snagging a man, do i need to whack it out a bit?  at this point in my life, i am so worn out from the games, i dont think i have it in me to play crazy.  maybe its better to be alone with my boring self and hope that some boring guy will find me as his soul mate.  or maybe i am the kind of crazy that repels men and i am unaware of it, thinking i am "normal". right now i just feel that i am about as exciting as paint drying. i truly want someone who loves me what i am that boring. i will have my moments of crazy fun, but dont we all need to be loved without being "on" all the time?


  1. I think it depends a lot on what you mean by crazy. I know some good crazies who are happy with other crazies... but that's the comic book video game kind of crazy.

  2. Having just painted, I can confirm you're not at all as boring as watching paint dry. ;)

    I think you're just the right amount of crazy and normal. Don't change a thing. :)

  3. i dont mean sheldon and amy farah fowler crazy ;-) i mean, her divorce isnt final and her manic depressive spending sprees drove her and her ex husband to bankruptcy, yet she is dating the new guy and shopping at coach. i am talking about where dr drew could spot the emotional issues a mile away. i mixed up a few examples from different people in that one image, but you get the jist.