Saturday, November 6, 2010

hold my purse

and go buy me some tampons and NO i will NOT say please. i have never quite understood this THING about women asking men to hold their purses while they shop or get their nails done or just because they said. dont even get me started on the purchase of the aforementioned feminine hygiene products. i mean, you know you are going to have "the visitor" every month, right? cant you be prepared for that?
of course there are "emergencies" and your man should be willing to step in if necessary and not feel that he was castrated in the process, but to regularly ask him to hold your purse or brave the gauntlet that is the feminine hygiene aisle seems out of line,but thats just me.
as far as the "man purse" or any version of the "european shoulder bag", i personally do not find this look attractive, but it wouldnt be a deal breaker. it doesnt necessarily scream "GAY!"(jazz hands)to me, but it doesnt really paint the masculine picture of the hunter gatherer either.


  1. I've recently been watching The Big Bang Theory, people I know that watch the show have told me I should start following it because I remind them of Sheldon. Anyway, your feminine hygiene mention made me think of this scene, because when I first saw it I realized it was a genius idea. Also, if I'm ever asked to go buy such things I know where I'll be going...

  2. thanks for the link-that was pretty funny.
    i remember a new era article from years ago where a girl talked about a 2 year supply of lip gloss. that was pretty funny too-even though it was intended as a spiritual message.
    would you go and buy feminine hygiene products for hannah? hold her purse?

  3. Holding a purse isn't a big deal, especially with the giant, brightly colored purses girls like today. I just assume if someone comes across me in a shop with a huge, bright red purse that it's obviously not mine, it's not my style! Haha I've had the same plain black leather wallet since I was 6!

    As far as feminine hygiene products go, it's not that big of a deal, It's like Toilet paper, everyone has to buy it, but no one likes to talk about why. Although, if I'm ever asked, I may save myself future trips, run down to the Costco, and pick up a few crates!

  4. I think you need to be past this by the time you're 30, on both sides of the question. If you need to buy tampons or condoms or whatever, then you do. You don't make them a game to torture some poor schlub just to see if he'll let you.