Tuesday, November 2, 2010


halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine. i am not against it in any way, i just dont totally dig on it.
i let someone in my ward(family ward, remember)talk me into dressing up. now she is married and totally in love with her husband and he is crazy about her, so she has nothing to lose by dressing up like an idiot. i, on the other had, have EVERYTHING to lose by dressing up like an idiot.
there is one "eligible" bachelor in our ward and while i feel no desperate need to impress him, i certainly dont want to be the crazy spinster with the stupid costume. lets just say my costume included(but was not limited to) a zebra print mumu, dragon lady length sculpted nails painted to match the mumu, and a nicoderm cq patch. it was fun, but i was glad to get home and get out of it.
family ward parties are all about the kids(as they should be)and since my nieces and nephews arent little anymore, i find myself kind of distancing myself from the little ones. not on purpose, like ugh, get that kid away from me, but just not that interested. i comment on the cute babies, but i never ask to hold them. if their mom asks me to, i will. i have the skills, but i dont use them that often.
are donuts at ward halloween parties a "thing"? i thought it was just our ward, but i heard others mention it on fb. remember when homemade root beer was a mormon party thing? homemade root beer would have been awesome, but i sweet talked a little kid into grabbing me a jelly donut and that was good enough. yummmmmmmmmm.


  1. I love homemade root beer. I've even made it (it's pretty easy). The tricky part is the insulated 5 gallon bucket, and the next is finding a dry ice outlet.

    For my friend in Holland, though, the hard part is finding the root beer extract -- there's nothing root beer to speak of in Europe, apparently.

  2. a friend of a friend has serious root beer skills. it is soooooo good.
    is dry ice difficult to get where you live?
    i bet your danish friends(thats right, isnt it? people from holland are danish?)could get some root beer extract on amazon. :P)

  3. So were to trying to be Cruella Devil without her cigarette? Funny!

  4. BTW I would think that a woman willing to go to a party with a fun costume would be a total attraction... If I was a single guy in your ward that is : )

  5. kind of. i had curlers in my hair and really bad makeup. said i was a primary teacher. i carried the ctr 4 and 5 manual and the watchtower-to cover all my bases. :) inappropriate primary teacher. lol

  6. ps-he is kind of stuffy, so i dont think he would have appreciated my costume. i dont think he was there.

  7. Danes are in Denmark -- Dutchies are in Holland.

    The problem would be the shipping. International shipping bites.

    I've got several sources of dry ice here, but it's not something that's just at the 7-11.

  8. What you need to do is come up with a costume you're proud of! It makes all the difference. Halloween is a big deal in my family, everyone gets together, aunts uncles, cousins, it's a lot of fun. It also isn't uncommon to have a costume planned several months in advance. In fact, I already know what my costume will be next year!

  9. i was proud of this costume. it was funny, but just too much to deal with. i am lazy that way. last year i did the whole robert palmer girl thing and it was really cool. it was something that i would wear(a little more modest of course)-black skirt and top, but the "costume" was in the makeup and hair. easy. totally my era. it was great. i felt kind of pretty in it too. maybe that was the issue with this one.