Saturday, October 30, 2010

nothing. whats up with you?

i havent posted and there is nothing too interesting going on, but i will give you a few tid bits.
i let someone from church talk me into a CRAZY costume idea for the ward party. this crazy idea included spending 50 bucks to go have acrylic nails put on and painted a ghetto fabulous gold lame color.they were incredibly long and i had them trimmed down today, but i am still somewhat hindered. texting a typing are a nightmare.
tom and i have decided to talk a little more in the upcoming weeks before he arrives for our first date. the conversations have been good. he seems sincere and genuine. i am looking forward to meeting him in person.
dick is becoming more interested and very complimentary. from what i have been able to gather, he is a good man. nice. funny. he is the walking wounded and he wants me to be his rebound girl, but the thing is, he doesnt think i will be a rebound girl. he thinks i might be THE GIRL. has anyone heard of a situation like that working?
i am thinking of going to a fireside tomorrow. its been kind of a crazy weekend and i am worn out. i think i will play it geriatric and just go to bed early.
is that as pathetic as it sounds?
i love fall. the changing colors, the crisp, cool air. i. love. fall.

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