Friday, October 22, 2010

what was i thinking?

i used to think he was sooooooo sexy. he reminds me a little of tgws and really spoke to the heavy metal chick in me.

but never him.

especially NOT him.


  1. Okay, so the formatting got weird on that, so to be clear, it was yes to Nikki, and no to Mick and Tommy? I'll assume an abstain vote on Vince, then?

    The thing I liked about Tommy was that he was married to Heather Locklear, upon whom I've had a crush since she appeared on Dynasty when she was 19. I was pleased to see her upgrade to Sambora.

  2. it got really weird, sorry for that. it looked good in the preview form, but i think my ads mushed it. dang ads!
    you got it all correct. nikki really does remind me of tgws. tommy was just so scrawny and gross and i like skinny guys! that dude is so unfortunate looking. i generally dont like blondes and i think vince neil is a complete idiot, so yes, an abstain vote.
    heather has had a rough go of it, hasnt she? wasnt she recently in rehab? i thought her and richie made a good couple, but i forget what happened-didnt he cheat with denise richards or something?
    just one big ole rock and roll train wreck.