Sunday, October 17, 2010

first date time

talked to tom last night and its official. he is coming to my town for some business and we will be meeting in person for the first time.
i am excited to meet him, but not overly so and i am hoping that is a sign of maturity as opposed to a genuine lack of interest.
he is an interesting guy, but a tiny bit stuffy. he seems aware of it and takes measures to lighten up a little, so thats a good thing.
maybe he is the kind of guy i need. now please dont think i am designing a temple appropriate wedding dress and making a reception menu in my head. i am just thinking that "my type" has only gotten me in trouble and maybe its time to think outside the box.
still no word from harry and dick has his daughter for the weekend. he checked in saying he would be busy,but was looking forward to talking to me again.
so there you go. the smc dating update.


  1. I *love* that he is stuffy. I'm always rooting for the boring guys because those sexy, exciting alpha males are so frequently bad news! Yay for dating outside "your type" :)

    All the best!!!

  2. thanks fei! he emailed me today with even more plans! he is a planner-really nice-handsome-has a temple rec-this could more than off set the stuffiness. :)