Sunday, October 17, 2010

very curious indeed

while perusing through my "stats", i discovered that i have more readers from iraq and yemen than i do from the uk. how weird is that?


  1. Speaking of stats, is there any way to delete the annoying ads all over your page.

    We love your page and your thoughts, but the ads really distract the reader.

  2. i am sure there is...
    i get a kick out of some of the ads, based on my post content. like gay dating sites and ads for viagra. cracks me up sometimes.
    i dont want anyone to be distracted, so maybe i will look into it...
    sorry if its annoying.

  3. Aren't those stats fun? According to mine your blog has sent 69 views my way since May.

    P.S. The ad I currently see is for "Gothic Dragons" How random...

  4. i love the stats! i just discovered them a little while ago. i love to look at them and discover new stuff. i think some have come my way from your site as well. you scratch my back...