Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy anniversary to me!

my "anniversary" is coming up pretty soon. i would have been married 22 years. how freaking weird is that?
some years(i have been divorced over 10)the day flies by without notice, but this year, i have definitely noticed.
its an interesting place to be; i look at my marriage almost like it happened to someone else. i can look at it for exactly what it was-the good and the bad. the terrible things he did no longer have the power to hurt me in the slightest. its been that way for a long while and its a pretty good place to be.
since we never had children together, there was no reason to have any further contact and i have completely lost track of him. i have heard a few things here and there over the years and there have been a few "sightings", but nothing concrete. i am ok with that.
i am pretty certain if i ran into him, i would be more that civil, but completely uninterested in any conversation or "catch up". i am confident that i know what kind of life he is living and i would not want to be part of that in any way.
when people ask how long i have been divorced and when i tell them they ALWAYS ask how often i see or talk to him. when i say NEVER, they always seem surprised. why is that? does everyone keep in contact with their ex? am i weird because i dont?


  1. Why would you keep in contact with someone whose life is no longer relevant to you? You can have no hard feelings without having anything to hold your relationship together even as friends.

    Understandable if you have kids, but I would think that you would be weird for keeping in constant touch if you didn't and were still buddies.

  2. THANK YOU, fei!
    i always thought if people can be good friends, they can figure out how to save their marriage. of course there are exceptions to that rule, but overall.

  3. ya know i get that question too! Its been near dang a year since i last saw him and its funny that people think its possible i still talk to him. he is my ex husband for a reason..