Wednesday, October 13, 2010

still here...

but super busy. all this stuff has been happening at once and i am struggling to manage it all. nothing bad, just different and lots of it.
havent heard from harry. i really dont get how i can be "everything i ever wanted in a woman" and then he totally disappears. no real investment so it doesnt hurt my feelings, but i am just curious. why did he do that? i could speculate for years, but i wont. a few of you have commented with a few of your theories and i would love to hear more. guys? any dude theories you can give for such weird behavior?
maybe harry does that with every woman, just hoping someone goes for it-you know, playing the odds. any credibility to that one?


  1. One of the things I value the most is good conversation -- just sitting and talking about stuff, often running on longer than we really can go because it's just so interesting. After having that kind of a conversation, it's not unusual to never have another conversation with that person and, in a relatively short time, that the person is avoiding eye contact or even acknowledging that I exist, even though the conversation was pleasant and we really seemed to be connecting.

    People confuse me. I don't get it. Maybe they get scared by making a connection with someone who, in hindsight, they really don't understand.

  2. Definitely wierd behavior, as a guy, it seems like he is after some easily controlled woman who will fall for that kind of stuff. If he hasn't contacted you since, there is no way he could be that into you, probably just looking for someone who will fall for the Don Juan act who he can then manipulate. Be glad you escaped.

  3. blain-that was another thing! really good eye contact. it impressed me. its all a mystery...

    anon-i was wondering about control issues as well, thanks for chiming in!

  4. I'd been reading somewhere that misogynists and abusive/controlling men tend to want to rush into relationships (it has something to do with their co-dependent tendencies). They are also often full of smooth women-charming moves that don't hold up in the long run.

    Not saying that Harry is that or anything, but it's just interesting. *shrugs*

  5. so many things to be careful of and look out for!
    dating sucks!!

  6. This type of thing is the story of my life!! I'm sorry, wish I could offer advise! Keep trudging on... guys like this are not worth the emotional turmoil! :)

  7. trudging...thats exactly what it is!!
    whats that saying? boys who make you cry arent worth it and the boys who are worth it wont make you cry?