Tuesday, October 19, 2010

respectable spinster

have you heard of the movie "zandys bride"? i hadnt either, but came across it while i was searching the netflix watch instantly library. i love, love, love gene hackman, so i went against my normal anti western stance and watched it.

one of the opening scenes shows the ad placed by zandys bride to be:

respectable spinster, american stock. wants life in the west. wishes to marry.

she rode the train out, he checked her teeth(not really)and they got married. he took her home to his filthy little bachelor cabin on his extremely remote ranch. from there, the hilarity ensues. not really. if you have ever seen it, you know what i mean.

if it were only that easy. what would my ad look like?

respectable spinster, midwest work ethic, wants life with a good man. wishes to marry in the temple.

ok, ok, i know TECHNICALLY, i am not a spinster since i am divorced, but the ad really would read the same; bitter divorcee...nah..that wouldnt reel them in. gay divorcee...probably would draw the wrong crowd. you see what i mean, right?

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