Thursday, October 14, 2010

tom, dick, and mr jack mormon

tom has been texting me and we have spoken a few times. the conversations are always good, but the last one turned a little serious and by serious i mean depressing. depressing for him, not for me.
he has been separated for 2 years and divorced for a little more than a year. this in itself is remarkable considering how quickly lds guys get married after divorce or being widowed. his ex wife was recently engaged and is asking for a cancellation of their sealing so she can be sealed to the new guy. he says he is not in love with her or want to be with her anymore, but as he put it the "eternal consequences" were weighing heavy on him.
all the business with sealings and cancellations and where do the kids go...its so much to think about. mr ex man was convinced that despite the fact his ex wife was ex communicated that she could stop him from being sealed to anyone else and that if he managed to be sealed to someone else, he would eternally lose his kids. i just dont think that can be right, but i hear so many stories.
dick got an appointment with a lawyer and says he hopes i am still around when he gets divorced. awwwwwww. the big problem here is that i would be the rebound girl-do i really have the time or patience for that? noooooooooo i do not.
mr jack mormon textd me and we went back and forth for a bit. its always the same, nothing comes of it and i always feel a little sad. it seems such a waste and i try to really look at myself and my own motives for continuing to engage in communication with him. its not good-not necessarily bad, but it certainly has no real positive outcome. sigh.

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