Monday, November 29, 2010


my thanksgiving was weird. not necessarily bad weird, but weird nonetheless. by lds standards, i have a pretty small family, but we all live within 20 miles of each other and usually we are all in attendance for holiday get togethers. this year, several people could not make it to thanksgiving and it just shifted the whole balance. when you are working with a fairly small group and then a chunk of them cant make it, its a loss. we knew in advance and tried to alter the menu accordingly, but we didnt do so well. we had just enough turkey, but too many side dishes. packing up leftovers to send home just didnt work out like it normally does. it was just weird.
if you care to go look at last years holiday time posts you will see much of the same whining that i am about to type up right now:
i am sick of being single and particularly worn out from it during the holidays. i want to be with SOMEONE for the holidays, not be the 5th wheel or the odd man out. to be part of a couple. to have someone to sit next to at the dinner table and know there will be a special surprise just for me,under the tree, from someone who loves me for me, not just because they are related to me by circumstance.
mr married man's divorce for sure will not be final in time for christmas, so hes out. mr jack mormon has been texting me, but i have been ignoring him. i just dont want to go there anymore. i am sure he could be a distraction during the holiday season, but why bother? he is such a pain.
is everyone looking forward to the holidays?


  1. Give yourself gifts!

    I've mastered this technique. Whenever I buy something I want I do it online, that way I'm actually "getting" the item rather than just buying it at the store. Then I find some reason or occasion that I was given this gift for. I dunno, it may seem weird, but it works for me! I even treat myself to movies and what not for my birthday.

    I guess it's an adaptation I've made as a result of having to fly solo so much throughout life.

  2. i do get myself gifts! its not the same. it really isnt-i think its a chick thing, but since i am a chick...