Wednesday, December 1, 2010

good stuff

read this
seriously read it and let me know what you think. i think i became acquainted with this blog when the author commented here. i really like what he has to say about virtue in general, but specifically, i like how he talks about how virtue is not just about suffering through abstinence,but finding joy in celibacy. it was kind of an ah-ha moment for me.
i have never "suffered" with celibacy. not sure why, but i know that i have been ok with it. maybe its because i realize that i might be saying "no" for now, but it will lead to a bigger "yes" down the road. not that i havent been seriously tempted. i have, but i am glad that the temptations have never won out.
so what do you guys think? did you or are you suffering with celibacy or did you just say "screw it" (literally and figuratively)and just "do it"?


  1. I know I've always suffered with celibacy, but as a twenty-something male I have an extra-large hypothalamus and a ridiculous amount of testosterone.

  2. I too, never suffered through celibacy because I knew that at some point I would have that part of joy in my life. I married at 34. I had gotten to the point where I was ok waiting because I knew of God's love for me and that he keeps his promises.

  3. woasm-at least there wont be any viagra in your future. thats a plus, right? :)
    lisa-great minds think alike. all the stuff you said is pretty much my thinking for the past 10+ years. when the time is right and things are done in wisdom and in will be wonderful.