Sunday, December 12, 2010


there is so much i want to tell you about dick and everything that is going on, but i am afraid to jinx it. normally, i am not the slightest bit superstitious, but when it comes to the possibility of finding HIM, the read deal, mr right, i am willing to employ whatever means necessary to make sure it doesnt get screwed dont want to do anything to jinx it including blabbing all over my blog(that he doesnt know about)about how crazy i am for this guy and how great its going.
despite the damage, humpty dumpty(me)is somewhat getting put back together. i really appreciate the comments that were left. its nice to know i am not the only one who has baggage they cant seem to shake. dick is super patient. he is willing to earn my trust and actually does more than pay lip service. he walks the walk too.
i have to admit, i am waiting for the other shoe to fall. maybe he will tell me he is a post op transsexual(i think i would be able to tell that.)or that he isnt a full tithe payer(now there is a real deal breaker.)i dont want to create a self fulfilling prophecy, so i try to chase those thoughts away as soon as they arrive. cautiously optimistic. thats me.


  1. Good for you for chasing away those bad thoughts...we know from whence they come...and it's not the Lord. Have a Merry Christmas

  2. thank goodness others go through what i go through. I swear i jinx or ruin ever relationship. G doenst know about my blog.. thank goodness i blab way too much.

    But after this weekend of me "testing him" i guess you could call him i realized sunday he was perfect for me...
    even when i ignored him for an entire day becuase he made a stupid joke that i didnt take very well.. even though it was a joke.

  3. ashley-i was thinking the exact same thing about your comments! so glad i am not the only one that goes through these things! i dont intentionally "test" him, but i am sooooo very cautious. i know it wears him out, but he hangs in there. not only does he tell me i am worth the trouble, he shows me with his actions.
    lisa-you are absolutely right and i keep reminding myself of that fact.