Friday, December 10, 2010

like humpty dumpty...

i am not sure i can be put back together again...
things with dick(from tom dick and harry. see previous posts please.)are going amazingly well, but me? not so much.
i am aware of how my dating past(not to mention my married past)has me gun shy, but i didnt realize how much.
dick is patient and kind and WONDERFUL.
i will not screw this up.
maybe i will.
maybe i should.
i just dont know. been praying hard. been to the temple.
maybe if i wrote in my freaking blog more it would act as a cathartic process and work all the kinks out of my system.
how are you guys? i miss you. i miss writing and seeing your comments. i hope your holidays are going well.
my holiday is going fine. staring at the gift dick sent me, that i havent decided when to open, and wondering how i got this lucky/blessed.
holiday baking starts this weekend. love holiday baking. :)


  1. i had one of those moments.
    my boyfriend and i are doing great! perfect almost..
    but my insecurities my worries got the best of me this past week...and still are.
    i always screw things up. I am just waiting for it.. and maybe waiting is going to make me screw up. so against my own will and wants i am sticking this one through.. but then again maybe i shouldnt.

  2. Hi SMC,
    I have been a blogger absentee lately but I am glad to see that you and your man are happy. Have fun baking. Mine starts tomorrow (was supposed to happen today but oh well). Merry Christmas!

  3. Just take a big breath and enjoy the relationship. Stop analyzing it so much, and avoid comparing it to your past ones. Just look at where you started with him and only compare to where you are now. If he hasn't broached your deal breakers, then just try to relax and enjoy.
    And open the dang gift! :)

  4. i have been reminding myself quite a bit to just enjoy the good that is happening and stop anticipating the other shoe falling. its difficult. i almost feel like i am being stupid if i dont keep my eyes wide open for impending disaster. it could be one big cosmic 'I TOLD YOU SO'.
    did a little baking today with a ton more to go. tried a new candy recipe-not sure of the verdict at this point. :)

  5. This is one thing I've never understood about women, and all of my female friends are the same way. They always seem to "know" a relationship isn't going to work out, or something will go wrong, etc. ,etc., etc.
    Maybe I'm just oblivious? Why worry so much? In the end you'll only ever be in, at most, one successful relationship.