Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the sharks are circling

is there some sort of super power or sixth sense that your ex's KNOW when you are falling in love with someone and moving on?
in the past week i have heard from mr jack mormon AND mr ex man. tgws im'd me about 2 weeks ago.
i briefly chatted with tgws, but ignored mr jack mormon and mr ex man.
mr ex man sent a link to a youtube video of an 80's hair metal band singing a mournful ballad.
mr jack mormon keeps trying to tease and taunt me into replying to him. when that didnt work, he tried "friending" people on facebook to get to me.
funny how for both of these men, this level of effort was never exerted in the past.
i am hoping they will just go away. not that i have a problem with confrontation. i dont. i just dont feel like getting into it with either of them.
meanwhile-things with dick are strolling along at a steady pace.
color me happy.


  1. Count your blessings! And Merry Christmas.

  2. i am!
    merry Christmas to you too!