Friday, December 31, 2010

being dumped sucks

i was reading this post bye fei and was trying to remember how all of my relationships ended. until dick-i was always the one doing the breaking up. there were several times where choices or behavior on the guys part really left me no choice ie: msof cheating on me or mr ex man being just plain crazy, but right now i cant remember anyone else breaking up with me.
not sure why i am making this point, but i am conducting a post relationship autopsy. why do we do that? i need to quit. i will not let this drag out like mr ex man or mr nice guy. i dont think i will hear from dick again, so the drag out probably wont be an issue. mr ex man and i drug it out for two years. mr nice guy was a little longer. its stupid.
i am rambling. sorry about that. i havent been posting much because i was so busy with dick and now i feel all this stuff that just needs to get out.
i have been feeling the need to reach out to mr ex man or mr jack mormon. both have contacted me in the last few weeks, but i ignored them. i know i could get a quick shot of self esteem from them, but it would be short lived since they are both jerks who dont want whats best for me.
embarrassment. that is the overriding feeling right now. being dumped sucks.


  1. I won't lie, I'm very curious about what happened.

  2. i am working on it. :)
    writing through the pain can be cathartic, right?