Thursday, September 8, 2011

am i being punked?

i went to a dance. i hope your food storage and 72 hr kits are in order because this certainly is a sign of the apocalypse. i dance with one man who was seriously old enough to be my father. not kidding. not exaggerating. i turned down one man who was probably 6 inches shorter than me. the music was pretty good and some friends were there, so while i hung out, there were friendly faces and some good conversation. not to mention the snacks-yummy food was abundant. i spoke with a few people by the dj stand and then realizing i needed a break, i stepped out into the foyer and there were a few people sitting there chatting, including one man that i had met a few weeks before. SIDE NOTE: i have put off writing this post because i could not figure out a pc way to describe this man. i havent figured out how to do it, so i am just going to say it straight. i think this man was in a horrible accident. he has obvious physical disabilities(that he valiantly works around)and i am fairly certain he probably had a traumatic head injury. there is some obvious disconnect. social filters were missing. anyway, i came out into the foyer and along with this man, there were 2 other people i had met that night and we chatted pleasantly. the man started coughing really bad and when it subsided, i asked "are you ok?" he replied he was fine, that it was just a lagging cough from a cold he had a few weeks back. he then proceeded to wipe his mouth, pulled his hand away with a fist full of phlegm and leaned over to scrape his hand against the edge of the waste basket. in front of us all. he never excused himself or went to the mens room to wash his hands. i swear. hand to heaven.


  1. We may go to the same dances... Last week the 70 yr old self proclaimed "dance machine" was the first to ask me to dance... I am in my early 30s. =o(

  2. niiiiiiiice. i dont think it would be too bad, but these men really want to marry the youngsters. they are pursuing with all of their energy.