Monday, September 26, 2011

deal breaker? am i a complete snob?

no. i know i am not. anyone who saw me typing up this post in my ratty work out track pants with the old t-shirt with bleach stains on the sleeve, would agree. do i wear this get up out? no, i do not. it is strictly reserved for house cleaning and sporadic workouts. how do you feel about crocs? i personally love them. i think it is the most recent incarnation of the ugly, but comfortable and "healthy" for your foot shoe. i have a few pair, but again, i dont wear them OUT. have you noticed i havent really mentioned mr new guy? i was kind of ashamed to say why. i met him for dinner(it was a small group of us) and he was wearing crocs. black ones. disney style. the croc holes were in the shape of mickey's head. the original color was black with a red strap, but they were incredibly faded. i immediately stopped seeing him as any sort of potential romantic possibility. is that wrong?


  1. I would feel the exact same way. Yikes.

  2. whew. thanks for chiming in on this one. :)