Wednesday, September 14, 2011


what tempts you and how do you resist? is it food? sex? money?


  1. I am tempted by attractive girls. Once in awhile, I am tempted by marijuana. Luckily for me, neither the attractive girls nor the marijuana are tempted by me.

  2. i never got the marijuana thing. i think it stinks something awful.
    could an attractive girl tempt you into doing something your normally wouldnt?

  3. Oh, marijuana smells heavenly. I have never smoked it, but that rotten smell is so tempting. Same with nice pipe smoke. On my mission, a guy in the apartment above us smoked this tobacco pipe that was so great. I have a hard time understanding cigarettes but pipe smoke can be fantastic.

    I am not sure about the attractive girl. Probably. It's easy to turn down a girl that you aren't attracted to. I can't say that I have had that many opportunities to screw up recently with very attractive girls. Probably that whole "you will never be tempted beyond your capabilities to resist" promise or something.

  4. Mint Milano cookies are my biggest enemy.

  5. tripp- love the smell of pipe smoke-its intoxicating.
    i have never tried the mint milanos. maybe i will go get some :)