Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the set up and the spark

soooooooo.....i went out with a dear friend yesterday. i love her and she literally lives 5 minutes away from me, but we only get together about 3 times a year to do lunch and have a gab(gossip) fest.
the last time we met, she was telling me about her neighbor that just moved in-super nice, funny, and TALL. he asked her if she knew any nice women that she would set him up with. she laughed and told him yes, but they are all lds. him, being a non member, shrugged his shoulders and said "what can you do?"
my interest was sparked because she never brings men up to me at all. if she likes this guy and thinks he is quality-then he must be a great guy. she lives next door, so i am sure she would have seen some red flags by now, right?
at the time, i didnt think much of it. she dismissed him as a non member and i was only one of a handful of girls that she would consider introducing him to.
today at lunch she says to me "i have got to set you up with my neighbor-he is fantastic!"
she explained that she thought he would be open to investigating the church and that he was a really good guy who had a great sense of humor.
as previously stated, i would normally shoot this kind of thing down right away, but i think i shocked her a little bit when i told her to go for it.
who knows if she will, but i put it "out there" that i am open to it.
funny how i was talking about there are few people i would trust to set me up, but she is definitely one of them.

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