Sunday, June 21, 2009


remember the really nice, but boring guy i talked about a few posts back? he called me yesterday to ask me when church started. in the past,he has used this as a segue to hint around for a date. NOT THIS TIME! he is seeing someone he met on ldsmingle and he was bringing her to church! i cannot possibly explain how happy this made me. he is such a nice man. he deserves to have someone and be happy. i just knew it couldnt be me. one of my friends who met him, said she had never seen less chemistry between two people before. i had never felt less chemistry. lol. he brought her today and i met her. she is very nice and they seem to fit well. i hope it works out!!! isnt that so cool of me? that i want the best for him? i know, patting myself on the back, but its nice to know that i am not a selfish b-atch and even though i dont want him, i dont want his attention directed at anyone else. there are women like that. i have seen it. its insane. she came to rs and since i was conducting, i got to introduce her. i wonder if he told her we went out a few times?
mr great white north has called me a few times. we have such nice conversations. we even discovered that we both love barry manilow-how great is that? he is 10 years older than me,but seems youthful. you know, young at heart. such a cheesy phrase, but it gets the point across.

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