Sunday, June 7, 2009

when can you stop?

praying. when can you stop praying for someone? i am sure someone much more righteous than me would say "never", never stop praying, but i need to get this out of conscience. be able to stop thinking about it. i started my fast last night and of course included mr ex man. i truly want the best for him. want him to be happy. have all that he wants and needs. it really doesnt seem that he wants that for me. he wants to force me into something that i know will only bring unhappiness. he has actually asked me to move 1000 miles to live with him. as i type that, it pisses me off. i would never do it. he knows it. when i called him on it, he either says it was a joke(he likes to inject levity at the most inopportune moments and wonders why i dont laugh)or that its "just a suggestion". when i was there, he couldnt even tell his kids he was coming to see me. he made up some story about going to the store. we, in fact, did go to the store so he could purchase skittles for one of his kids and get cash to pay for some last minute crap his kids or his ex wife failed to mention to him. man, i am getting mad.

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