Tuesday, April 5, 2011


it runs in my family in varying degrees. mine is what my therapist refers to as "situational" depression. i am good until the shit really hits the fan and then i crash into a severe depression after a long hard fight.
i have crashed. there have been a few of you that have commented privately(you were very sweet and i wasnt offended in the slightest, just a little embarrassed)that i should seek professional help. i love professional help! i am all for it and have used it in the past. just not sure if i am up for it right now. therapy is hard work and the doctor that i trust the most is no longer in practice. breaking in a new doctor would be difficult. which,is of course, the depression talking. depression takes away all that makes me me and paints me grey.
bottom line-i have been here before and i know my way back. it just sucks.


  1. thanks :)(that was a real smile, not a fake, depression one. lol)

  2. Hope things get better soon. You are worth it.

  3. thanks-i appreciate your comment. truly.

  4. Hi NOYB~

    Because I'm self centered only child, I'm going to assume that your parenthetical remarks were in response to my post I sent to you. :)

    Please don't be embarrassed. I have been worrying that I had offended you.

    Anyway, just want to tell you that I have been praying for you.


  5. Not to sound like a dippy-hippy, but meditation and chakra work has REALLY helped me this year. YOU have all the answers inside, so you CAN find them. I've been to therapists, psychiatrists, what have you-and eastern medicine has always helped WAY more than western.

    Hang in there!

  6. did you figure it out on your own or go to a practitioner? i know a little about meditation and hardly anything about chakras.

  7. So far I've just been googling stuff. I got some guided meditation tracks from Amazon, and some chakra bath salts from a local gal. I plan on going to a meditation class because I can't quite clear my head with just internet instructions. My aunt does chakra healing. This website is pretty informative- http://www.chakraenergy.com/index.html there is a test on there that can tell you which chakras to start with. :)