Saturday, April 2, 2011

laughter is the best medicine

as i have gotten older my tastes have changed in just about everything. food. movies. people. music. comedy. everything. i am not completely comfortable with some of these changes, but i am somewhat resigned.
i first started noticing it with the movies i watched. most of my friends were strictly total chick flick or goofy movie watchers, but gbf and i would watch edgier movies like memento or american beauty. i felt myself starting to lose my "edge". i found myself increasingly uncomfortable with the sex and violence in "good", critically acclaimed movies.
when unfaithful came out, gbf was really interested in seeing it, but i begged off. he was kind of upset with me because we were movie buddies and had very similar tastes. despite the fact that is was so well received by the critics and i loved the actors starring in it, i couldnt bring myself to watch it. diane lanes sex scene with her lover were raved about and rage depicted by richard gere and the violence it created was considered one of his best performances ever. i just couldnt do it.
i found myself preferring lighter fare. i felt a little embarrassed because i didnt want to see the heavier and edgy stuff like i used to. gbf and i stopped going to movies together. all i wanted was to laugh. to be cheered up. but thats not so easy anymore. i dont find the same things funny. i can watch old snl episodes on vh1, knowing that 5 years ago i laughed my ass off, but now they dont seem funny at all.
in a way, i feel like i am grieving for a lost part of myself.
more than ever, i need to be cheered. to get a break from the realities of my life and escape. this morning, i got it on comedy central. based on what i have mentioned so far, i can tell you that comedy central would be the last place i would look. all the comedians they show and the STUPID movies just make me sick. most of the time i just feel old and humorless when i try to even watch more than 2 seconds. today was different. today there was jim gaffigan . the clip is not from the show i saw, but it was equally as funny. it felt good to laugh out loud at his silliness. i love the voice he does to imitate what someone in the audience might be saying. hilarious. i hope you enjoy it. i did.

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