Saturday, April 30, 2011

perfect, but weird.

i have never promoted or even believed in the "lets be friends" things. i have talked about it before, but basically, i just dont think it works. i think an exception is that if you go out once or twice and its just not "happenin", so you just go into the friend zone. no biggie. i have never had too many opportunities for this type of transition to the friend zone.
today was a little different. not that he is my friend, but a man that i went out with(right before the whole tom, dick and harry thing)was the "priesthood presence" at a relief society event that i was in charge of. he remembered me(why does that always shock me?)and we chatted amicably. there was no reference to our date or the lack of dates since then.
since it is required that we have priesthood at every rs function, i have dealt with a lot of men and when it comes to protecting the women in the ward, they are generally lacking. not really interested in doing it or flaking out last minute if they do sign up.
this guy was there and truly willing to help. he went above and beyond what is normally expected. he continued to seek me out and ask what he could do. we joked quite a bit, but it really wasnt flirting.
just to clarify-i wasnt attracted to him then and i am not attracted to him now. so why does it bug me that he didnt ask me out again?


  1. If he was seeking you out, that was his way of flirting. Maybe a public setting isn't his preferred place to ask someone out. If your not interested in him, don't worry about it. Maybe he is just a little more reserved than you are used to, or needs a little more encouragement.

  2. i dont want to encourage him and if pressed, i would admit that i would hate to deal with hyim asking me out and turning him down. this is definitely once of those crazy girl things that i usually do not do. i am doing it now. i am almost over it. 97% over it.