Friday, April 22, 2011

more msof

i have been wanting to write, but my dating/romantic life is dead right now. i am officially benched. so what will i write about? my PAST, of course.
looking back over my pages, i saw that i left the story of how msof(mr soldier of fortune)and i met hanging there for almost 2 years. i cant believe its been that long!
if you go to the msof page you can read the previous two entries(i think its 2)of the story.

he looked at me without smiling, but his obvious delight to see me was in his eyes.
"are you getting in or are you just going to stand there?"
i smiled big at him and told him to hold on i was going to change really quick and let my parents know what i was doing(ever the good girl).
"dont you dare change that skirt!" he said emphatically.
i didnt have it in me to play dumb. i was wearing a mini skirt that showed off one of my best assest-my looooooooong legs. i knew i looked good in it, but declined to say anything to him as i turned from the car and walked in my front door.
once the door was closed i practically lept from one room to the other looking ofr one of my parents. i finally found my mother and i spoke so fast that the words were practically unintelligible.
i went to dash to my bathroom for a quick brush of my 80's permed hair, touch up my make up, and spritz some perfume on(i think it was "krystal" from the dynasty collection), but my mother stopped me in my tracks.
"who are you going with?"
"that nice boy who used to live a few blocks away?"
"yes! mom! he is WAITING!"
"he can wait a few minutes for you, dont worry. you know the rules."
although i had given her all the information and that i was 19 years old(well past legal adulthood)i smiled and said,
"msof is in town on leave. he came to the studio to say hi and he was here when i got home. we are going out and i will probably be late."
"where are you going to go" she said in her sweet voice.
"i am not sure. probably dinner and then maybe a drive."
" a DRIVE? do you think that is really a wise choice?"
i really hated when my mom did this. she could be so passive aggressive. she knows i think its a good idea, because i am doing it!
"mom-its FINE, i promise."
before she can say any more i dart out of the room and into my tiny bathroom. through a haze of perfume and aqua net(the only hair spray at the time that could keep the 80's bangs standing up high)i touched up my makeup and quickly brushed my teeth. i gleefully yelled goodbye as i ran out the door. before i made it to msof car i could hear my dad bellowing, "where the hell is she going at this time of night?" and even though i couldnt hear what she said, i could hear my mother shushing him in a comforting way. that was my parents-think edith and archie from all in the family.
i set my purse on the back seat and shut the car door. then i looked at him and saw him smiling at me.
"what was your dad yelling about?"
"you know my dad. its always something. tonight he doesnt like me leaving the house at 9 o'clock at night."
"well? where would you like to go at this late hour?" he smirked. i loved that smirk. 10 years later i would want to smash his face when he smirked, but in that moment i just wanted to kiss him.


  1. I love a good story. Thanks for bringing the next installment of this one.

    I hope you'll have new things to talk about in the near future, and that they'll be happy things. :)

  2. i need some happy things for sure! thanks for commenting. :)