Monday, April 4, 2011


what inspires men to put up with a pain in the ass woman? i mean really PAIN IN THE ASS. demanding, high maintenance, and bitchy.
i am watching bethenny ever after and i just dont get it. i like bethenny, but she is a pain in the ass and her husband is the nicest, roll with it guy ever. you can tell he loves her. she loves him too and realizes that she has issues and tries to overcome(points for effort for sure), but she is a mess and a huge pain in the ass.
i am sure i have my pain in the ass qualities, but nothing like that.
i realize this is not the first time i have posed this question, but i just dont feel like i have gotten a satisfactory answer. maybe there isnt one.
it probably all boils down to a slight case of envy. the answer will be when i find the man who loves me despite what a pain in the ass i am.

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  1. believe me there are men that are a pain in the ass too... I think really some are just attracted to their opposite.