Monday, January 19, 2009

baking bread

i do it and i love it. most seem surpised by this, i think because most of the married with kids types in these parts dont do it. a lot seem intimidated by the process. it really isnt difficult and the results are so worth it. i grew up with a mom who baked bread every few days. nothing like the smell of baking bread. i am baking some wheat bread right now. it smells soooooo good. my sister is providing some compassionate service for a family in our ward and asked me to bake bread to take along with the meal she is making. mmmmmm. just took 3 big loaves out of the oven. it looks and smells divine. i think we might be headed for a backlash to the homemaking arts. a few of the youngest sisters in my ward are starting a whole canning craze. they are canning meat and beans and of course, the basic fruits and vegetables. i have never canned before. i have assisted, but never actually canned. i am very interested in learning. i feel a canning/bread making enrichment class in my future.

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